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Organizing a Harvey Milk Day Event

How do I organize a Harvey Milk Day event?

  1. Get together with at least two friends, local LGBT Movement leaders, fellow church members, etc. Harvey engaged people from different communities. Think broadly about who might help you plan an event.
  2. Brainstorm an event. You can use the list in the planning guide to help you determine which kind of event is right for you. It can be as small as a house party screening of “The Life and Times of Harvey Milk,” or volunteering at a local homeless shelter. It can be as big as a march in your state capitol. Among one another, learn about Harvey so that your event is a part of his legacy.
  3. Register your event online.
  4. Implement your idea:
    1. Write a timeline leading up to May 22nd with deadlines for different components of your event.
    2. Delegate the assignments among your planning group.
    3. Meet regularly with your planning group to ensure you have the best communication possible, and so that others may join you as you continue to plan.
  5. Document the event. Take pictures and video. Even if your event is very small, documenting every aspect of our Equality Movement is important. Post them online and contact us so we can help share it with others!
  6. Debrief your planning group and evaluate the program. What was the overall feel of the event? Strengths? Weaknesses? Was this event true to Harvey’s legacy? Should we do this again next year? Should we do something different?


Benefits of registering your event online

  • Access to online resources
    • High-resolution photos
    • Official logos
    • Share ideas and information with fellow organizers
  • Professional design services
  • Inclusion on Events listing
  • Dedicated page for your event
    • Ability to edit your event's page on our site


What to remember when organizing for Harvey Milk Day

  • Exclusivity. Make sure your planning group is as diverse as possible for your region, and make sure the event is accessible to a wide range of people.
  • Don't forget the Media. Make sure you let the press know about your event. Focus on local papers and free magazines – they are widely read!
  • Losing Steam? Make sure your planning team is in regular communication through meetings, in-person if possible. You will keep each other going.
  • Don't Forget Harvey’s Message. Harvey Milk Day is about continuing and claiming Harvey’s legacy.